Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Time in Texas.....or is it????

Yesterday our family enjoyed the beautiful spring weather by spending time walking around downtown Grapevine, shopping in all the cute stores, and then stopping to enjoy the botanical gardens. Wonderful 70 degree spring weather.....sunshine, flowers, eating lunch outside with the trees in bloom. But wait, the forecast calls for a coldfront to move in Friday night and possibly snow flurries on Saturday. What??? That means my much anticipated garage sale will be postponed until next weekend. Can I live with all the STUFF that we've pulled out of closets and lined the hallways and corners with. Oh well, at least that part is done and Don is going to help clean out the garage today while we still have 73 degree weather. Here are a few shots of our day in Grapevine.

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amberdawn said...

Looks like a blast! And what about snow flurries???? I apparently hadn't heard that yet! Let's hope not, because I want us to go out and enjoy stuff in Grapevine tomorrow too!