Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day !

Happy Father's Day to Don.....what a great dad you are! I'm so thankful to you and all that you do in raising our girls. Love you!!!!

Port Aransas, TX in September 1999. Sarah was about to turn 4 and Katie was 11 months.

Burger's Lake - June 2009. Sarah 13 and Katie 10. My how they've changed!

Don was off last week and we enjoyed a "staycation" or in others words, fun on a budget! We (at least the girls and I) enjoyed going shopping at the new Sam Moon's in Ft. Worth on Monday. We went to the movies on Wednesday. Don and I saw "Star Trek" and the girls saw "Night at the Museum 2". Tuesday we spent the day at Burger's Lake in Forth Worth. Thursday we headed to Galveston. Don had travel points for a free night at a hotel. So we stopped in Houston to go to the aquarium and then headed onto Galveston and a few hours on the beach. We got back up early and headed out in the sun again on Friday. The girls and I managed to get various sunburn spots. The only damage to Don was when he tripped on the ice cooler and went rolling in the sand. We all had a good laugh! We've always enjoyed beach vacations as a family and have been all around the Gulf and into Florida - starting back when Sarah was about 10 months old. Lots of fun memories have been made, and I'm sure many more will be in the future.

Ferry ride in Galveston

Katie at the beach in Galveston.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's Summertime !!

Well, school's out and I wish I could say the busyness is over. But June and July are always the months that we have many activities scheduled. We started off the summer Friday night with Sarah at a sleepover and Katie at a birthday party. Don and I enjoyed a few minutes together, but not near enough. Saturday morning Katie had a makeup softball game and then that afternoon we went with a church group to the Rangers game and pre-game concert. It was fun even though the kids complained of the heat. We've already been to NRH2O twice and Katie has been asking to go again today. I need to go buy groceries because "there's NOTHING to eat in this house". Anyone want to contribute to the summer grocery fund???

Don called this morning to let us know that Katie was selected to play in the All-Star game on Saturday. Way to go Katie! So much for thinking that we had nothing to do this weekend. But it is an honor for Katie.

Next week Sarah and I will be working at Vacation Bible School at church. This will be Katie's last time to participate in the children's group. On July 26, she will promote to the 5th/6th grade student group called "Merge". How can she be headed to 5th grade? How can Sarah be an 8th grader? Wasn't I just crying about her starting middle school? June will also bring Kids Kamp...I plan to go back as a counselor with Katie. Don and Sarah will be going on the Mission Trip in July.

Whew......I get tired thinking of it all. But I know there will be lazy days in between all of the activities (like now I'm still in my pajamas). Hope you have a fun summer with your family! See you at the waterpark!

4th grade end of year party

Katie, Mrs. Latham, and her best friend Hannah at end of year party.

View of the new Dallas Cowboys stadium from the top of the Rangers stadium.

Don and the girls at the top of Rangers stadium.

Casting Crown concert before the Rangers game.

Hanging out with the Montgomery family at the concert and game.

Sitting at the top of the stadium. Go Rangers!