Monday, November 9, 2009

Adventures of Katie

Katie has been busy the last few weeks, and remaining healthy despite Sarah getting the flu, then me getting flu and pneumonia (or as she says "mynonia"). Her elementary school days are going by fast, so here are a few pictures of the latest events.

Katie brought home the NFL Punt, Pass, and Kick registration form in September and said she wanted to do this. She said she wanted to try everything at school since this was her last year at W.A. Porter. She ended up winning first place in the 10/11 year old girls division at her school. Below are pictures as she competed in the next level. She didn't advance, but was proud of her for trying something new!

Katie and friend from church who also advanced from her school.

50's day at school.

The 5th graders took a field trip to the new Cowboys Stadium to learn about mathematical concepts in a real world situation. Katie said she learned that the new stadium would hold 3 of the old Cowboys stadiums. Amazing place for sure!
Trip to nature park after touring the stadium.
Katie and best friend Hannah.
Katie taking pictures of her and friends on the bus.