Friday, January 23, 2009

More dog pictures

Sam: "Does anyone know of a retirement home for old dogs?"

Sam: "Why did my family bring home 2 crazy dogs?"

Dixie: "I'm tired after going on a run with Don, but give me a tennis ball and I'll play!"

Ranger: "Why do Sarah and Katie keep humiliating me? I've got to quit being so nice!"

I had to post this funny picture of Ranger and then thought I would add the other 2 dogs as well. Don and I are struggling to make a decision about Sam, our 15 year old lab mix. She is not doing well health wise, and we took her to the Vet today to talk about options. She is just not the same dog she used to be and part of it is old age and having 2 young dogs around who constantly harass her. Sometimes we feel for her safety because Dixie and Ranger can be so rough with her. Anyway, without going into all the pros and cons, please keep our family in your prayers as we try to decide what is best for Sam and for our family. And to all of you dog lovers out there, don't read or go see "Marley and Me" without plenty of Kleenex!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Volunteer Mom

Being silly....they wanted me to catch them jumping, but I couldn't quite get the timing right!

Here's my piece of advice for today....when your 13 year old daughter asks you to drive some of the choir girls to get their pictures made, DO IT!!!

The Smithfield Middle School girls Varsity choir needed to have pictures made for their upcoming February performance in San Antonio for the TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association). This is an invitation only performance for choirs across the state of Texas. The choir director says it's like the football team going to the state championship.
So, they needed to have pictures taken to create a program they will take to the performance and couldn't secure school buses to drive the girls. On Monday, Sarah calls and asks me if I can drive some girls on Wednesday. How could I turn down her request? We met after school and I watched in amazement as 65 girls poured into the choir room to change into their formal dresses. The clothes were flying, hair being styled, makeup being applied, giggling, talking, just imagine. I just took it all in.

I drove Sarah and 2 of her good friends to the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens for their pictures. We were there from about 4:30-5:30 as they took small group pictures and the large group shot. Then the photographer handed her expensive cameras to these 7th/8th grade girls for them to take candid shots of each other. She's braver than I would be. I got some nice shots of the girls and am glad I got to see this wonderful group of girls and their bubbly personalities. The ride home was long because of rush hour traffic and one highway accident. But it was great being a "fly on the wall" as the 3 girls giggled and talked non-stop in the back seat. I won't share any info since I don't want to embarrass Sarah. But oh what you can find out just by driving 13 year olds around. I'm very proud of Sarah and the girls she calls friends. So if you are ever wondering whether or not to chaperone your teenage kids, go for it, you just might have fun and learn more about your child.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dogs rule!

I just had to post these cute pictures and ask the question.....who's really "living the life of Riley" in our house? Dixie and Ranger or us mere humans?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Riley Reunion Pictures

Riley Reunion

We had so much fun during our week in Gulf Shores. The beach house was incredible, the weather beautiful, and so many laughs with family we hadn't seen in 3 years. We spent time on the beach and I think my two girls were the only ones to come back completely wet. Too cold for me to even put my toes in. We enjoyed a private group dolphin cruise and saw several dolphins up close and personal. After the cruise all 34 of us went to eat at Lambert's - "home of the throwed roll". What a fun place to eat and way, way too much food. Several family members visited the USS Alabama and Fort Morgan. There were lots of games and cards played and many laughs to go along with the fun.

New Year's Eve brought about an impromptu talent show with many participants. Don's cousin John should be voted "the most talented" (or at least the one brave enough to let us laugh at him through so many of his performances). The "east coast time zoners" could not figure out how to celebrate New Year's when the ball in Times' Square actually dropped at 11 p.m. central time. I think Don and I helped them understand.

New Year's Day was spent watching football games, walks on the beach, family pictures, book reading, game playing, and overall just relaxing. It was such a peaceful place to bring in the New Year. Can't wait to do it again in 3 years........where will we go?????

Oh, by the way, I need to tell about our "red-neck traveling". Don just had to take the new truck to show it off to his family. Since it was raining on the day we left, he packed our luggage in black garbage bags. What a sight.....driving down the highway in the rain, with bags flapping in the wind. To add to the shame, we stopped at a hotel on the way down and the bell boy had to carry the garbage bags on the cart up to our room. What a memory!