Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Don and a record snowfall!

Today is Don's 49th birthday....he's not real happy about being so close to 50. I told him this morning not many 49 year olds can say this....he still is about the same size as when we met 20 years ago, he still has hair and it's not gray, he has had no surgeries or does not take any medication, he can eat all the ice cream he wants and still has great not fair. I can't say even one of those things at age 43 (well, I do have hair, but it's gray). So he has many reasons to feel blessed, including us girls who at times drive him crazy.

We woke up to a beautiful snowfall this morning. Don is such a good husband that he stayed home to fix my flat tire and be here when the repairman came to fix the heat pump. Maybe he just used those as excuses to stay home on his birthday. I had to go to work and the girls went to school. Just got an email that school is cancelled for Friday and President's Day holiday is on Monday.....yeah for long weekend! Don will be off work on Monday too.

Here are some pictures of the snow. At 3:00 this afternoon Don measured 7 inches in the front yard. It's now 4:00 and still snowing!!! The news says we've hit a record amount of snow for one day. We will postpone his birthday dinner at LaHacienda Ranch tonight and just stay in and keep warm. A Big Top Cupcake is in the oven.