Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Homecoming Parade

On Monday night (9/28/09) Birdville High School had their homecoming parade. Some of the feeder elementary schools participated by building floats for the parade. Our school (W.A. Porter) created a float and then had a drawing for 5th graders to walk with the float in the parade. Katie was so excited that her name was drawn, as well as, 3 of her very good friends. It has been MANY years since I've gone to a homecoming parade, and I really enjoyed it. Although, as many of the high schoolers went by in the parade, I kept thinking about Sarah being at BHS next year. Yikes! But it was also fun thinking about being involved in all the school spirit and those Friday night football games. Anyway, here are a few pictures of Katie and friends from the parade.

"Birdville Kingdom" = W.A. Porter Elementary, Smithfield Middle, Birdville High