Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Clean House

Ok.. my house is not quite ready for the Clean House team to come visit, but I am planning a yard sale on Saturday. Do you ever watch Clean House on The Style Network? It amazes me how people live in such a mess!!! But based on the amount of stuff we've pulled from closets, I guess if you don't purge on a regular basis then you will end up on the episode "Messiest Home in the Country"!

Here are pictures of what the girls and I have been cleaning out so far (won't even show you the garage, but there is a washer/dryer and bikes out there). We're hoping to raise some money for summer church camps and Mission Trip. Things get expensive when you have teens/tweeners! Now if I could get Don to tackle his closet and the attic we would really be making progress.

This week is Spring Break and he's taking off on Thursday and Friday to have fun with the girls and help pull this sale together on Saturday. So if you're out and about on Saturday, come do some shopping....you'll be helping the girls go on their church trips this summer!

Sarah and Katie bagged sets of their Littlest Pet Shop critters.....they think about 75 of them!
Also included are several BIG playsets for the animals to enjoy!
Clothes, clothes, shoes, dress-up clothes, purses....everything a young girl needs.
Lots of "friends" are leaving their dark corner of the girls' closets. Many board games too.
Who doesn't need a monkey mug?? Where did this come from?

More stuff....Easy Bake Oven is back there! Purses, shoes, household stuff....

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