Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter was somewhat low key this year in regards to spring party and egg hunt at the elementary school (only for k-3rd grade), and we did not go to any other egg hunts. The one on Easter Sunday at our church was for 4th grade and younger. Poor Katie, she is still in that in-between stage and wanted to go to an egg hunt, but none for her age......guess that's why they're called "tweeners"! We did dye eggs on Saturday and some candy and a few goodies were left for the girls on Sunday morning. My Mom came over to go to church with us and then we came back to our house for lunch. Don wanted roast, so I got up at 5 am to put it in the crockpot. Katie likes ham so we had that too along with cheesy potatoes, green beans, corn, rolls, and the best lemon bars ever! It didn't take too long after lunch for Don to head off to a nap, my Mom left to go back home and then it was nap time for me. Don and I take resting on the Sabbath very seriously. Katie was suffering with allergies, so in the end didn't even mind that she didn't go on an egg hunt because she was feeling bad.

Church service was great and we're so thankful for Pastor Craig and his wonderful messages every Sunday. It was a beautiful day to celebrate our risen Savior. Hope your Easter was enjoyed with friends, family, and the assurance of salvation through Jesus Christ.
Family picture.....I won't post the one of Mom and girls because my Mom can never keep her eyes open. It's a running joke now that we're going to start taping her eyes open whenever we take pictures :)

Sarah 14 years old
Katie 11 years old
Sarah's first pair of real high heel shoes. She was so excited and practiced walking in them on Saturday. Don didn't quite care for seeing his "little girl" in heels....sorry dad, she's growing into a beautiful young lady.


amberdawn said...

Love the famliy picture! Y'all look great!

Anonymous said...

Cute heels,I was confused as to whom was wearing them